Retail prices

How much do EV batteries cost?

Tesla uses lithium ion cobalt cells, the same ones that go into laptops. A laptop typically has 6 or 9 of these, but the Tesla Roadster has 6831 of them.
How much does Tesla pay for these cells? I don’t know, except that it must be better than retail, and they probably get a big volume discount for buying millions at a time.
The global market for these cells is many many hundreds of millions.

On my last web search I found 2500mAh 18650 cells for $2.74 each if you buy at least 20.
The Tesla Roadster uses 2200mAh cells, so you would need slightly fewer 2500 mAh cells to make the same capacity pack.
It should take about 108 of the 2500 mAh cells to make 1kWh of battery, and that is $296 per kWh.

Of course, there is the cost of soldering them together, and the cost of some plumbing for the active cooling, and the cost of electronics to monitor and manage the cells.
However all of those things should be minimal at large enough scale.

And there is zero chance that Tesla or others are paying retail prices for their cells, they should be paying much much less.

Anti-EV crackpots continue to post lies that EV batteries are $1000 per kWh and that makes EVs impractical. Their numbers are so ridiculous that nothing they say can be taken seriously.

One response to “Retail prices

  1. Unfortunately the “Tesla quoted” price of $36,000 for a battery lends support to the crackpots. I like I am sure most Roadster owners hope the battery costs have dropped to $15,000 or less when it is time for us to replace batteries.

    By the way just found your site tonight and it contains a wealth of information. Thank you for collecting and putting it into understandable terms.

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