Latest Electric Bill

Just got the latest electric bill. It’s a little unfair because we were out of town for a while, but its fun nonetheless.
The total bill is $19.37

We used 388 kWh from PSE, but we sold them back 246 via net metering, the difference is only 142 kWh. Thats 4.7 kWh per day.
Last years bill for the same period was 812 kWh – about $81. ( we were out of town last year for the same amount of time – so its apples to apples ).
How much did we actually consume during the month? Well our panels produced a total of 405, we sold back 246 of those, so we used 159, that makes our total usage for the month 547.
We managed to use about 33% less electricity this year than last year due to conservation efforts.

Note that even though our bill for this month is $19.37, we are going to get a payment of $218.70 for our energy production credit. ( The incentive program for putting on the solar panels pays us for every kWh we produce. ) So this month we will actually net $199.33 from PSE – that goes towards paying for our solar panels.

If we had made our solar system 35% bigger then we would have been net zero kWh for the month, and with batteries ( assuming no efficiency loss from the batteries which isnt the case ) we could have been “off-grid”. Of course june-july is one of the best production periods with the lowest demand, so its not much of a victory.

Thank you Puget Sound Solar!

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