Driving at the track

Today I went to Pacific Grand Prix, which is a big go kart track, because they were having a lapping day for cars.
Its about 40 miles there from home.
While there I drove 41.3 miles on the track, and then I drove back.

I used 73.4 kWh today.
I used 12 kWh on the way to the track ( 39.2 miles distance 307 Wh/mile )
I used 48.6 kWh at the track, driving 41.3 miles for an average of 1176 Wh/mile
Then I used 12.8 kWh driving 40.7 miles back ( 315 Wh/mile )

While at the track I was plugged in charging 240volts 40amps when I was waiting for my turn to drive.
I charged a total of 45.3 kWh over 4.96 hours of plugged in time.
( If that doesn’t sound like an adequate drive time to wait time ratio to you, you need to go try for yourself.
I am quite tired now, you need a break between sessions of high performance driving. )

A friend who was there ( driving a Mitsubishi Lancer Evo ) filled the gas tank that morning, drove there about the same distance. Filled up with gasoline when he went for lunch, and filled up again before going home.
He reported around 4 miles per gallon driving on the track!
He used about 15 – 20 gallons of gasoline that day ( I didn’t keep good notes on the details of how much was used on the trip each way )
So he used about $60 of gasoline and I used about $7 of electricity.
He had to make 3 gasoline stops of about 10 minutes each, and I had to spend 5 extra seconds plugging the car in and unplugging it 10 times.

And what about the driving itself?
My best lap times were all about 1 minute 21 seconds. ( The resolution of my data is only to the second )
My fastest speed at the end of straightaway was 74.4 mph

The Roadster has a few weaknesses on the track.
#1 is the brakes. I had to brake a lot earlier than other cars, wasting space and time at the end of every short straight.
#2 is the tiny front tires. They are only 175/55/16s, and you spend most of your time turning and punishing them.
The other cars had much bigger brakes and wider stickier front tires. With bigger front brake rotors and tires I am sure I would be much faster.

The last weakness is that I managed to overheat the motor by the end of my session, and then the power was limited.


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  1. Take that, Top Gear!

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