Time and Distance

My drive to work is about 13.7 miles. A little over half of those miles are highway miles ( lets call it 7 )
Highway miles are 60mph and city miles are 40mph right?
So that should take about 17 minutes right…

The last 2 mornings it took 40 minutes because of traffic.
( The time does not include the blank space leading and trailing this chart, its starts when the car starts moving and ends when it stops moving )

That works out to about 20.5mph over those 40 minutes.

The drive home is 13.4 miles ( due to ramp differences ).

There is much less congestion on the drive home because I avoid rush hour and it only takes 22 minutes, for an average of 36.5 mph.

Put those 2 trips together and its 27.1 miles over 62 minutes.
That uses about 12% of my battery.
Extrapolating, I could skip work and just drive around like that for about 8 1/2 hours before I run out of charge.


One response to “Time and Distance

  1. Granted, not really the point of your post. But it’s interesting to note the “spikyness” of the graph. No doubt the Tesla is better at recovering the energy lost during deceleration, but the fact remains that total energy usage would be lower, perhaps significantly so, were the car simply driven more smoothly.

    The graph proves you can’t maintain 70mph on the highway anyway. And even if you could, the extra 10mph isn’t saving you any significant travel time. So (rhetorically) why not just drive the speed limit and reduce the speed variations?

    Similar arguments apply on surface streets (where frankly, 40mph is a pipe-dream even for a typical maximum speed, never mind an average).

    None of this is new, and I admit that electric cars that recover energy during deceleration aren’t quite as bad as gas-powered cars that don’t, but the fact remains, operating the machinery smoothly is beneficial both in terms of maintenance costs and energy consumption. It’s still as true today as it’s always been.

    Smooth that graph out, and you’ll extend your range even more!

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