Mitsubishi i-MiEV

I got to see a Mitsubishi i-MiEV 2 days ago. It was a Japanese right hand drive model on a press tour.
It has more interior room than I was expecting, considering how small it is on the outside.
There was lots of legroom for the 2 rear passengers and it actually had a little bit of cargo space.
It was very quiet and seemed to drive well ( I did not get to drive it ). The interior finishing was very cheap and spartan. The dash was incredibly simple, none of the estimated range remaining stuff the Tesla has.

I think its actually an ugly car.

The dash is really simple. Thats the battery indicator on the left.

A view of the rear electric motor and transfer case. No transmission needed.

A real J1772 connector! Been a long wait to see one of these. ( The other end was a standard 20amp 120V plug )

The J1772 charge port.

A view inside the compartment with the motor controller.

This is the level 3 charging plug. I was glad to see it really existed although we had no way to test it.


One response to “Mitsubishi i-MiEV

  1. Chad Schwitters

    Hi Rich,

    I got to drive one about a month ago. It was on city streets so I couldn’t get over 35mph, but I was pretty impressed. Plenty of pick-up, and nice and smooth. Even though I’m used to a Roadster, I think I’d be perfectly happy to drive one of these.

    I think their biggest problem will be competing price-wise with the Nissan Leaf.


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