Electric Cars Again

I’ve read a bunch of venemous editorials in the Detroit press lately, I really don’t understand petrol-heads.

Yes there are three technology areas that electric cars are inferior to gasoline ones.

If battery energy density was 100 kWhr in a 400 pound package – ( which is about 4 times better than current commercial technology ) … and
You could recharge that battery 90% in about 10 minutes – ( which is within range of current technology for lower density batteries ) … and
That battery cost about $5000 ( which is somewhere between 4 and 8 times better than current commercial batteries in terms of kWhr/$ ).

You would have a car that is vastly superior to a gasoline car in every way.
There would be no range limitation, you could drive 400-500 miles on a charge, and “fill-up” in 10 minutes just like gas and go another 400.
You would have the benefit of leaving your house with a full charge from home every day, and not need to think about range unless you are going on a road trip. In a 400-500 mile range gas car, you need to worry about this every 10-12 days or so – assuming you drive 40 miles a day.

You would have all the other huge benefits of an electric car, better acceleration, quieter drive, less maintenance ( no spark plugs, oil changes, timing belts, tune-ups ), more reliable drivetrain, lasts longer because there are only a handful of moving parts, no pollution, no foreign oil, safer, more cargo space.

If you love cars, you want something that is fast, good looking, reliable, useful, clean and durable.
I think it is very possible that an electric energy storage system will exist in 10 years that meets the performance goals I listed above.
I think it is likely that in 10 years there is no gas car that is better at anything than an electric car.
If thats the case, there will be no reason for anyone to sell a gasoline car, and the market will be 100% electric.


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