More about charging stations.

I’ve had the car home for more than a month now. I have never needed to charge during the day because I haven’t done more than 200 miles in a day, nor have I done a long overnight away from home yet.
The only time I would need to charge is when I am doing a long 200+ mile day or two day trip.
Considering the Seattle eastside area as the starting point … here is a list of where I would like to have charging stops:

Somewhere between Seattle and Vancouver for a drive to Vancouver/Whistler… Mt. Vernon would be good
Somewhere near Bremerton / Port Orchard for a trip to the NE side of the Olympic Peninsula
Port Townsend for a trip to the Olympics
Anacortes for a trip to the islands.
On San Juan Island or Orcas Island itself
Likewise Bainbridge and Camano
Somewhere between Seattle and Portland for a trip to Portland. Olympia is a good spot.
Olympia covers itself and west to Ocean Shores.
In Mt. Rainier National Park for a trip out to Mt. Rainier
Near Castle Rock/Toutle for a trip to Mt. St. Helens
Near Ellensburg for a trip to Idaho or East Oregon or Yakima valley
Yakima… Yakima
Spokane for heading east to Montana
In Chelan for a trip to Chelan or the Okanagon.
In Leavenworth for a trip to… Leavenworth
Cars with only 100 mile range will need to pick more points, but with a comfortable 200 mile highway range you can reach most of the state with 2 dozen charge points.

In a lot of these places you can find RV parks to charge in, but it would be more convenient to have a purposeful charging stop that is right next to what you want to do. Like in Mt. Rainier National Park, right at the trailheads, in Leavenworth – right in the downtown.
Regarding the ferries, an electric car lane with charge points along side it would be fantastic. If you wait an hour or two for the ferry, thats a lot of charging you can do. Obviously the ferries could be equipped with charge points, but I would actually prefer to charge from clean shore power than diesel generated.
Any of the stops that aren’t obvious endpoints are begging for charging stations in restaurant or tourist attraction parking lots.
Any of the stops that are destinations would benefit from charging in a parking lot right in their downtown/tourist core.


2 responses to “More about charging stations.

  1. Granted, it’s a drop in the bucket, but unless they’ve removed it since I was last there, downtown Eastsound on Orcas Island has one or two EV parking spaces with charging hookup. That’s been there for years (possible this entire century…I don’t recall when I first saw it).

    I wouldn’t worry at all about charging on the ferry. Compared to the load on the generators just to propel the ship, I doubt even dozens of EVs charging during the sailing would make any noticeable difference. (Our 78m “steel electric class” ferries have 2160kW of power – – say 20 amps @ 240v, 5kW/car, so even 20 cars charging is less than 5% draw on the power output of the ship…not as clean as our hydroelectric, but it’s still way better than burning gas and the added flexibility for EV owners is worth it, especially since there will be lots of EV owners around the country whose _normal_ charging source is dirtier than the ferry).

    One thing I haven’t seen discussed is this “five minute battery swap” that Tesla is advertising for their S. Do they mean that you buy an extra battery and swap it at home? Or are they suggesting that you could be on a trip, and stop somewhere that will exchange your depleted battery for a charged-up one?

    If the batteries really aren’t a significant consumable/embedded-resource item, then having an inventory of extras to provide for more of a “filling station”-like experience might be worthwhile. It’s great to encourage people to slow down and smell the roses, but that’s just not always practical for everyone.

  2. FYI, this company was advertising their charging stations & battery swap facilities. I think the idea is that you pull into it like a service station & they swap the battery for your. These stations would be along the highway so you can swap batteries & keep driving:

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