Charging Station 1.0

3 ingredients for trivial charging station 1.0

1 RV Park utility stand with a 240V 50 amp outlet, and a 120V 20 amp outlet.
1 parking meter. About a dollar an hour will cover the cost of a 9.6kWhr draw ( the max that you can draw from a 50 amp plug ) so charge 2 bucks.
1 smart circuit breaker hooked to the parking meter, no money in the meter equals no juice. You can be really fancy and prevent the flap covering the plugs from opening if there is no money in the meter either.

You put the parking meter on the stall, you charge the $2 an hour regardless of whether the parker plugs in or not to discourage non-EVs from parking there.
In the future the RV park utility stand can be upgraded to whatever standard charger comes into existence.


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