More about coal.

I looked at CO2 as representative of all pollution from coal and gasoline. I don’t know what the other components of the pollution are or whether they are worse than CO2, I just chose the one with data I could find to compare and assume that the other pollutants scale with the CO2.
There are other factors I didn’t include, like the health impact of mining coal on coal miners and of strip mining. There is also the cost of spilling oil into the ocean, striping the country with pipelines, strip mining tar sands.

Building transportation that doesn’t use gasoline is one half of the equation.
The second half is replacing all of our fossil fuel burning electricity production with clean energy production.
If you don’t do the first then the 2nd can’t help you replace gasoline.
If you don’t do the second, you wasted a lot of your effort on the first.
I believe that the $300 billion we spend per year on 100 billion gallons of gas will be better spent on electric car technology and replacing dirty electricity production. We should be doing both at the same time.
I can’t wave my hands at some more numbers and prove that we can, I just sure hope we can.
I am convinced that if we continue on the path we are on, burning gasoline and coal, we are screwed.


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