Not a Gas Station

Charge stations are not gas stations. We don’t want to charge at the same place we used to pump gas. Nor do we want to charge at highway rest stops. With current technology we’ll need to charge for anywhere from a half hour to a couple of hours.

We need charge stations at restaurants, casinos, parks, tourist spots, shopping centers… anyplace that you would want to spend some time while you charge. It should be a pretty easy job to convince casinos, tourist spots, shopping centers to put in charging stations – they have you captured for the time you are charging. You are very likely to spend money directly proportional to how much time you spend there.

For restaurants, the equation is a little different, it’s not a great prospect for fast food restaurants, its much better for a place that is geared towards having you sit and eat for at least an hour. What a tragedy that would be for our health and our taste buds, if electric cars discouraged fast food and encouraged us to eat better. You’ve got the time, eat something good.

Public parks would be a great place to stop in my opinion. Hike, walk, lounge, exercise, chase the kids, swim. I hate to rely on government to put in any charging stations, but this is the place. However, using pay-to-charge stations could eliminate most of the red tape by making them self-sufficient and by paying off the cost of the install.

Most of the private businesses that put in charging shouldn’t need to trouble themselves with pay-to-charge and instead rely on the revenue they gain from the captive EV owners who use their services.


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