How fast is fast enough?


Over most of the trip from Menlo Park to Seattle we were charging during the day at 40 amps and 240 volts. This was putting between 30-35 miles of ideal range back into the car per hour, more when it was cool, and less when it was hot. We usually stopped to charge for 2 to 4 hours.

A Tesla HPC ( 70 amp 240 volt ) charger can put between 60 and 70 miles per hour back into the car. If there had been 4 or 5 of these along the I5 corridor in key spots we could have stopped for midday charges and had charge times of 1 to 2 hours instead of 2 to 4. To get the most out of these chargers, they should have a small shade structure to let your car charge in the shade.

Its hard to say you need a charger much faster than this, even for long trips. It is really nice to be able to stop and sit down for a decent meal or stretch your legs. Having three 70 amp charge stops along the way would mean you could easily cover 500 miles in a day in a Roadster with 3 charging stops of about 1.5 hours each and never get very low on charge. I’ve done 700+ mile drives in a single day, and I’d trade most of them for a more relaxed and fun drive in the Roadster that takes an extra half day.


One response to “How fast is fast enough?

  1. What a great story!! Please write your Governor and suggest they revise the highway 5 electric corridor plan to include the coast route! EV driving revives the leisurely road tour. The tourist industry will soon “get” it. EVen with Marcelo da Luz’ solar racer from SF to LA, the coastal route was the way to go, evoking memories of family cruises before Interstates. I love the way the Tesla owners are having FUN with their cars and sharing it!

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