Eugene to Portland to home.

We left Eugene with the battery meter showing 214/250 at 11:36AM. We were ahead of schedule and knew we would be able to get a full charge over dinner, so we drove fast. Fast meaning at the speed limit of 65. We had mostly been doing high 50s or 60 during most of the trip, because that was more efficient overall.

Dad tested the passing power which we had used sparingly til then to maximize range:


We stopped just south of Portland after 88.1 miles of aggressive driving with 98/250 left, and charged for about an hour and 45 minutes until we were back to 155/250. Then we headed into Portland. It was 25 miles to our next stop.

We were headed to meet John PlasmaBoy Wayland and his family for dinner. I had only met John the previous weekend at the Wayland Invitational event of the National Electric Drag Racing Association, but already knew that driving through Portland in an EV and missing John was like a kid going to North Pole and not getting to see Santa Claus. I was disappointed that my car arrived a week too late to make it to the Wayland Invitational, but I am sure glad I went and got to meet the NEDRA folks, it was a fantastic experience.

We got to John’s house with 127/250 left and plugged the Roadster in next to White Zombie, his record setting EV drag racer.  White Zombie has a 0-60 speed of about 2.9 seconds and has recorded an 11.466 second 1/4 mile. John explained the magic of White Zombie and we went to dinner and traded stories. Ours about the tragedy of the Redding circuit breaker and the rest of our trip so far, and John’s exploits of pioneering EV drag racing.


After dinner, we got a tour of Blue Meanie, one of John’s earliest and most comfortable streetable EVs.  It seats 4, does 0-60 in 5.5 seconds, and has a range of about 40 miles at highway speeds.


When I first started my search for an EV a few years ago, I strongly considered a conversion. Seeing Blue Meanie on John’s website inspired me to believe a comfortable, practical and fun EV could really exist.  I wrestled with which path to choose for a long time. A couple of the reasons I eventually decided on Tesla was the fact that I had no expertise to perform my own conversion so I would be entirely reliant on someone else, and that the premium conversion parts were in short supply with long waiting lists. I read a bunch of books, did some research and analysis and asked a bunch of the wrong questions. If I had asked some of the right questions and met some people who had done their own conversions I may have thought differently. After considering that path, the Tesla almost feels like cheating because it is so easy, but since I have no aptitude with car mechanicals it was probably the right choice for me.






We didnt leave Portland until 8pm, a little later than we planned, but John’s family and friends were so much fun that it was well worth it. We had an almost completely full charge.

We drove 118.4 miles to Lacey Washington and got there with 73/250 remaining. I guess we should have driven a little more conservatively at that point. A real big thank you to Dave who ran an EV parts shop and who met us and let us in to charge because we were there late in the evening. We charged for about an hour and a half at 40 amps and got back to 122/250 and then drove the last 70 miles to home, where we arrived with 41 / 250 range left.

The total trip was about 850 miles. Total driving time was 17 hours. Total daytime charging time excluding the morning in Redding that should have been overnight was about 13 hours.


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