Redding to Yreka

We left Redding with 214 miles of ideal range, and headed to Yreka California. It was hot, very very hot. Luckily it was only 98 miles to Yreka, so we were very comfortable with the A/C blasting, but we knew that was making the car work extra hard. There was some nice scenery:



When we got to Yreka, we only had 88 miles range left. We jacked in at 40 amps and had no problem. The RV park there was pretty barren, but big and every spot had a shiny new 50 amp breaker. We found out later that it was only 3 years old. I don’t remember what we paid to charge, it was either 10 or 20 bucks.






I attempted to explain the inner workings of the car to a few people who were very interested.

I later found out that this gentleman was the owner of the park.


Some clouds rolled in and we got a light sprinkle, it cooled off by over 20 degrees, and I was so thankful.


There is a hotel within walking distance of this RV park, but no restaurant, we ate a couple granola bars and lounged inside on some very comfortable couches. Dad took a nap and I watched some TV on a massive plasma. We threw our water bottles into the freezer and remembered them when we left.

Next… the Siskiyous!


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