Pushing the Limit

That night, I came up with a bold new plan. Grant’s Pass Oregon to Seattle in one day, about 440 miles, 8 hours of driving, 9 or 10 hours of charging. It would require getting up at 5AM. We decided to give it a shot.

The next morning we got to the car at 5AM and it was completely full charge. It was dark and a wonderful wonderful 60 degrees. We headed for Eugene, and the car was really really happy to be cruising in cool weather. There were a bunch more climbs and descents, but none as big as Siskiyous. We rolled into an RV park just on the north edge of Eugene at 7:39 AM with 90/250 range left. The trip was 2:28 hours, 141.7 miles, we used 38.37 kWh, for 271 Wh/mile.

The RV park owner charged us $10 to charge, we told him we would be there for no more than 5 hours. We ended up charging til 11:36am when we had 214/250 charge. By 11:36 it was 87 degrees ( at 7:39 it was 62 ). The 40 amp charging really paid off for us here, as we gained 124 ( ideal ) miles in less than 4 hours ( probably about 3:45 total time ). 30 amp charging would have taken at least an hour more.



While we charged we walked across the highway to the truck stop and had a good breakfast. The waitress kept bringing dad fresh decaf because we told her we were in no hurry. The truck stop had an obsolete gas pump. Hopefully soon they will all be obsolete.


We meandered back after breakfast and snoozed and read in the RV park lounge. This park had a pool and a hot tub and we thought about going for a swim ( they would have charged us a little more if we had used the facilities other than charging and lounging ). Yesterday it had been too hot and the sun was too brutal, today we felt like napping and reading instead.

We ended up fielding a bunch of questions from interested onlookers. They all loved hearing that the car used no gas and how it was made in the US ( and the body came from England ). There were no snide comments about being stuck charging, they were amazed that we could do this at all, even before we told them about our relaxing meals, peaceful walks and restful naps while we charged.


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