Redding and about to learn EV Noob Lesson #1

We rolled into Redding very very late. We were several hours behind schedule out of SF. The trip was 154.8 miles over 2 hours 52 minutes, we used 39.93 kWh for an average of 258 Wh/mile. It was well over 100 degrees for the entire trip, we were extremely happy when the sun went down.

This was to be our first time charging in an RV park. I had hoped to arrive while they were open, but instead we arrived well after dark and had to do the after hours checkin. I had driven my own vehicle to an RV park, and had rarely been to a campground since I was a kid. Our family had a small trailer that we camped in, so dad was familiar with the procedure, but it had been many years for him.


This charging screen is a little more frightening than it really was, it is showing standard mode, not range mode, which hides the bottom 10% of the battery ( about 25 miles worth ).


We picked a spot and drove over to it. I flipped open the breaker cover and found no 50 amp breaker. I freaked out a little and panicked. We plugged in the 120 volt charger and set it to 15 amps. This would take 2 full days to charge the car, so it was a pretty big disaster if this was all we had. But it was definitely the right decision to plug in and then figure out what to do. Our friends Bruce and Carol, who live in Redding had come to meet us and see the car and give us a ride to a motel. I had hoped to have time to spend a nice evening with them, instead of keeping them up late while I panicked about circuit breakers.

We went back to the office and checked the site map for the super duper premium sites, and wandered over to check those. I was so relieved when I flipped open the cover and found a 50 amp breaker and plug. We were saved! We moved the car to the new site and switched connectors to the 50 amp.


Relieved, I set the car to charge at 40 amps & 240V. That would get us charged by morning with tons of time to spare. We spent a few minutes while I tried my best to explain the car, but decided to save more for the morning. Bruce and Carol drove us to a nearby motel. It was a mile walk which we could have done, but it was much nicer to not have to. Even several hours after the sun went down it was hot.


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