Menlo Park to Davis

We left the Tesla store and headed north up the road. My lack of planning bit us here, but this would have been the same as any other road trip. We didnt leave Tesla until after 3pm, and we got stuck in traffic, I hadn’t asked for any advice on the best way out of town, and we paid for it. Dad started making calls up the road, but mostly we just enjoyed the quiet cruising of the car.

We crossed the Bay Bridge out of SF to head north to Davis, CA. I had thought the Bay Bridge would give us a nice view of the city as we left. It turns out that the Roadster is so low that we couldn’t see anything over the wall. I’m still kicking myself that we didn’t drive over the Golden Gate. I had originally thought that we could spend some time tootling through San Francisco and get some pictures of the car with the Golden Gate in the background. The long flight delay and playing at the Tesla store made me feel pressure to try to make it to Redding before it got too late.

We drove fast towards Davis ( fast meaning a full 70 at the speed limit, the rest of the trip we would drive a lot closer to 60 ), because it was fun and we knew we could charge at 70 amps there. As soon as we got away from the Bay it turned ridiculously hot. We had no idea how bad the heat would be for the next couple of days.

In Davis, we found the HPC and started charging at about 5:30pm. This gave us time to sit down and enjoy a really nice meal, buy some water, and go relax in a local park. We had left Tesla with a full charge and the car showed 250 mile ideal range. We pulled into Davis with 141 mile range left, after driving 103.8 miles over 2 hours 50 minutes, using 26.88 kWh for an average of 259Wh/mile. An hour of that time was spent crawling through more than 5 miles of San Francisco traffic.

To explain a bit about the range numbers I will quote for the rest of this blog. The battery screen shows 250 ideal miles when completely full, I believe ideal miles are based on the combined EPA city/highway cycle. At highway speeds you won’t quite get that. The faster you go, the lower your range. Plus the Roadster only shows the full range of that value if you are in range mode – if you are not, it hides the bottom 10% from you to give you a reserve. While you drive, the Roadster will also show you estimated miles remaining, based on your energy use in the recent portion of the trip.




We charged til the car said 211 mile range, it took around an hour. And then we headed for Redding. It was extremely hot, over 100 all the way. Even when the sun went down the temperature didn’t drop below 100 for quite a while.

In Redding thar be excitement and fear, beware, beware!


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